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Gerd Kehren was born in the Rhineland where he grew up. After the visit of Ground- and Secondary school he went in Viersen to Highschool. The foundation stone for his later career was laid in late sixties. During his Highschool-time already with 16 years he advanced to be one of the most well-known discjockeys in the Rhineland and had already his own weekly music-column in the biggest regional newspaper. After Highschool Gerd was trained in London, Berlin and Cologne at EMI-Group, in those days the biggest record-company in the world.

In 1971 he was in charge for radio- & TV-promotion, later leading marketing-manager for major clients of EMI .


Through his best contacts to leading artists and media Gerd startet already in 1971 with a management-office, but in the first years just as a kind of second job with permission of EMI. His first artist was Graham Bonney(Supergirl), at the time one of the top-artists of EMI Germany.

And it all started just by luck ......... on a Sunday …… Sunday, 07th of February 1971, over 46 years ago.

Gerd had arranged for Graham Bonney a public radio-show in Frankfurt on the 8th and had the idea that Graham could earn some Deutsch Mark instead coming only for a promotion date to Germany. As Gerd was in response for the club-promotion of EMI as well, he arranged after a dozen calls a show in a club in Wuerzburg. And everything went wrong that day. Cologne airport was closed because of thick snow and the BA-plane was diverted to Frankurt. Then the next day on the way from Wuerzburg to Frankfurt the car broke. The over 40 years of friendship and business-relation between Graham and Gerd couldn`t have started worse.

After this very first gig followed over 4.100 only for Graham Bonney and in total far over 10.000 for all his artists. End of 1973 Gerd had to make a decission: he was offered to be head of production National product EMI Germany up from 1 st of Janaury 1974. But as that meant no more separate artist-management, Gerd decided to leave EMI and started his own management company in January 1974.

More artists came to him. Rico Lanza from Italy and Lord Ulli (died in 1999) and the legendary German beat-group The Lords and the first international top-act Chris Andrews(Yesterday Man, Pretty Belinda) signed up.

As one of the first in Germany Gerd received the „official license for management“ through the ministry of work & employment in 1976. Beside hundreds of shows in Germany, his artists used to tour a lot in the German Democratic Republic between 1980 and 1989. 


Graham Bonney und Gerd Kehren Hochzeit Adam und EveGerd Kehren Graham Bonney
With Graham Bonney in 1972, at the marriage of Adam & Eve in 1972,
Dr. humoris causa Graham Bonney and Senator h.c. Gerd Kehren Düsseldorf carnival parade 1974
Gerd Kehren Chris AndrewsGerd Kehren Chris Andrews Graham Bonney Gerd Kehren Ulli Graham Bonney
With Chris Andrews in 1974 in front of the historic city council in Erkelenz and at charity in 1978 with Graham, Chris and Lord Ulli ( † 1999)
Chris Howland Gerd KehrenDeborah Shelton Gerd Kehren Zsa Zsa Gabor Gerd Kehren Miss World 1987
1978 in Berlin with Chris Howland , Shows with Deborah Shelton ("Dallas") in 1986, with Zsa Zsa Gabor in 1987 and with Miss World from Chile in 1987
Chris Andrews Graham Bonney Gerd Kehren Lords Graham Bonney Ralf Paulsen
With Graham and Chris, The Lords, Ralf Paulsen ("Bonanza)
at a charity in 1991 ( 40th birthday of Gerd )
Dave Dee Gerd KehrenManuela und Gerd Kehren
Oberhausen in 1992 with Dave Dee and
with Manuela ( † 2001) at TV-series"Yesterdays" for WDR in 1992.

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With the start of the oldie-revival in 1986 Gerd specialized with acts of the Sixties and Seventies. He had the ideas and plans for the first Oldie- and Nostalgy-shows in German TV and researched for dozens of TV-shows and complete series for ZDF (Germany 2nd channel) “ZDF Fernsehgarten”, “Musik liegt in der Luft” ARD (Germany 1 st channel) “YESTERDAYS”, SAT1 “Goldene Schlagerparade”, ORF (Austrian TV) and lots of others. 

Gerd managed to bring solo-acts and groups from the sixties and seventies back to memory with an enormous success on TV and stage. And special guests from all over the world. From the United States, England, France, Sweden and Holland came people like Albert Hammond, Brian Hyland, Deborah Shelton, Zsa Zsa Gabor or from Chile Miss World. After the huge response after the 1st ZDF "Let`s Have A Party"-show he planned in 1993 with ZDF the very first German Oldie-Night in TV with enormous success. With the legendary Eddie Constantine Gerd had a special relation and did the last TV-show with him just a few weeks before he died.

Since the beginning of the nineties Gerd took more acts in his management:  HARPO (Moviestar),  PUSSYCAT (Mississippi),  MIDDLE OF THE ROAD (Sacramento, Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep), THE EQUALS (Baby Come Back), JOHN KINCADE (Jenny Jenny..Dreams are Ten A Penny), SHOCKING BLUE (Venus) up to Mariska`s dead in 2006, DAVE DEE (Zabadak, Hold Tight) up to his death in 2009, THE BLUE DIAMONDS (Ramona) up to the death of Ruud de Wolff in 2000. 

In the time between 1990 and 2000 the wave of revival of the the sixties and seventies music reached every year new records. Up to 800 shows per year. And even now, over 25 years after it started, it`s still going .

Peter Orloff, Graham Bonney, Ricky Shayne u. Grahams Frau Iris Graham Bonney u. Gerd Kehren Gerd Kehren und Lord Ulli
1991 Düsseldorfer carnival with Peter Orloff, Graham Bonney, Ricky Shayne and Graham`s wife Iris
Cologne studio in 1982 and 1996 with Lord Ulli († 1999) and Ulli`s wife Renate



We have the heroes of the sixties & seventies !


Mit Eduard Prinz von Anhalt u. Chris Andrews Manuela und dem Düsseldorfer Oberbürgermeister 1993 Peter Orloffi Verleihung 1991
With Eduard Prince of Anhalt and Chris Andrews at a charity for orphans in Saxony-Anhalt 1990,
with Manuela and the Düsseldorfer Mayor in1993 and with Peter Orloff in 1991
Regenbogen Award Equals 2002 Harpo und Gerd Kehren Dave Dee, Gerd Kehren und Chris Andrews 2005
Radio Regenbogen AWARD forr The Equals in 2002, Harpo again No. 1 in Sweden 2005,
Shots with Dave Dee and Chris Andrews Dortmund 2005
Chris Andrews, Pussycat, Harpo Gerd Kehren und Harpo Köln Arena 2006
Shots with Chris Andrews, Pussycat and Harpo CologneArena in Oktober 2006
Equals Mariska Veres
With The Equals CologneArena in 2006, together with Mariska of Shocking Blue (died in 2006)
togther with the Canarian foundling Picolina

On the canaries Gerd supports with raising money and a lot of own investment , a private community of people with a dog`s home, a home for street-dogs that don`t have any chance to survive on the Canary Islands.


Since over 45 years always reliable and as fast as possible !


Since over 45 years always fair conditions for artists and clients !



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